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Meta.meta: New close reason: "This is a duplicate on Meta.SE"

We don't have cross-site, close-as-duplicate capabilities. This makes sense, because Main sites shouldn't substantially overlap in scope (at least, not enough to warrant this extra feature).

That said, I believe that Meta.Math.SE overlaps enough with Meta.SE that creating a custom close reason to this effect would be good. Certain questions and some questions come to mind as candidates.


  • Closing appropriate questions here as "already requested" on Meta.SE will redirect more votes to the Meta.SE question--this may make the feature more likely to be implemented.
  • Closing appropriate questions here as "already asked" on Meta.SE will allow our to focus more on issues specifically related to our site, rather than the SE engine in general.
  • Redirecting users to the Meta.SE site for information on feature requests is future-safe: it's more likely for a Dev member to reply on Meta.SE saying, "this feature was implemented," than to track down every individual thread on all SE sites and reply there.
  • Reminding Math.SE users of what is discussed on Meta.SE will foster a more unified culture within the entirety of StackExchange. (Off topic, but related: I'm beginning to think that much of our current meta-problems/drama has resulted from being somewhat isolated from the SE community at large. Reminding people to read Meta.SE may help alleviate this problem.)