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Is Can I get [solution-validation] a Metaon my idea to remove this tag?

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Is [solution-validation] a Meta tag?

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I was recently considering adding the tag to one of my questions (with apologies for the shameless self-promotion), and got to thinking: is this a Meta tag? Should I not have used the tag?

On the face of it, this seems like it meets the burnination criteria because solution verification is a type of question, not a mathematical topic. Really, this tag could be applied to questions of virtually any topic. My question happened to be about combinatorics, but you could just as easily apply it to a question about real analysis or linear algebra or topology.

On the other hand, it could be useful for helping people find questions to answer (if there are active site users who like to answer that type of question).

Any thoughts? Should the tag stay, or should it be considered for removal?