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Understanding what goes on in this forum

In this forum I asked

  • Whether there exists an FAQ on TeX usage for people posting to math.stackexchange.com;
  • Whether it might be worth mentioning in such a manual, if it exists, that insted of writing \sum_{n} \int_{a}^{\infty} x^{2}\;dx, they could omit the braces, writing instead \sum_n \int_a^\infty x^2\;dx, since braces are needed only when more than one character is in the subscript or superscript;
  • Whether the manual, if it exists, prescribes the use of \mbox, which, I argued, should be omitted.

My posting got nine down-votes, which I take to indicate disagreement with what I wrote.

Can someone say something specific about what is objectionable in the above? I still don't understand the value of indicating disagreement while leaving everyone to wonder specifically what is disagreed with.

  • Are some people trying to say there should be no such manual?
  • Are they trying to say it should mention \mbox; i.e. that I was wrong to say that shouldn't be there?
  • Are they trying to say no mention of braces in subscripts or superscripts should be there?

If anyone can explain that, I would appreciate it.

(I cannot post this query in the same thread in which I posted before, since someone wanted to confuse the discussion and start a fight there.)