About a week ago I posted this question, which in hindsight is vague and over-broad, both for what I really want to know and for what can be reasonably answered in one question. The example is also bad as it doesn't actually fit the cases I am looking at. Luckily, I was awarded a badge for my mistake!

How should I go about converting my original question into a more specific one that can have a reasonable answer? My instinct was to ask a new, more specific question and then delete the old one.


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I think the relevant criterion here is how much you'll change the question.

  • If it needs to be wholly or mostly rewritten, it's fine to delete it and ask a new question.
  • If it's less than (approximately) one paragraph, editing would be better.

The consideration is this easy because there are no votes in play. So the issue of "evading downvotes" isn't relevant here.


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