Do we have a tag for questions like this one which ask about properties specific to notating integers with base-ten digits?

If not, should we have one?

Of course for most such questions one can imagine generalizing to other bases, but often the OP will be most interested in base ten.


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We have tag. However, this is probably more suited for decimal expansions of real numbers, not for writing integer in base ten.

I think that the tag might be used. This tag is also suitable for expansions in other bases. The tag-excerpt for (number-systems) says:

Questions on the different ways to represent a number, how to convert between those different ways, and other such questions. The usual system employed by humans is the decimal (base-10) system, but other systems like binary and hexadecimal are also in frequent use.

This was briefly discussed in chat some time ago, see here. This and this discussion are also related, to some extent.

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