Sometime people posts question (or answer) by uploading a piece of paper, sometimes handwritten, that states the problem / solutions.

See for example fence a circular land and a square land.)

One question even posted a link to a video and said "I don't understand around minute 40:33" (Pigeon hole principle application)

Now, is this acceptable?

It surely is harder to decypher a handwritten paper, it cannot be searched over, and in general is worse than latex.

The video thing is even worse; Now nobody will know what the problem is about until they go to the video and listen to it; this effectively makes the question useless for anyone but the original poster. It's not the way math.se is supposed to be used, I think.

On the other hand, though, when I flagged the video question for "very low quality", it got disputed, so obviously there is not consensus about this.

What are your thoughts, and why should it be allowed / why not?



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