Previously I deleted some of my questions, I wonder if there is a way to see (only) my deleted questions?


Recent posts

Navigate to the question tab of your profile and click deleted recent questions at the bottom. For answers, go to answer tab instead.

These lists only include the posts that were created in the last 60 days.

Older posts

If you have 10K reputation, searching for deleted:1 will bring up all of your deleted posts. Add is:q if looking just for questions, or is:a for answers.

If you are under 10K, a moderator may be able to help: they can search deleted posts by any user. Use a free-form flag on any of your posts to ask them to look up the question. Include key terms from the question. If the post has been voted on and you know the approximate date, you can also find it via your reputation history.

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    $\begingroup$ I am in my question tab but I dont see "deleted recent answers". Thnks $\endgroup$
    – user162343
    Oct 9 '15 at 13:14

This is probably much less useful, but perhaps it can be used occasionally.

In Data Explorer (SEDE) there is also PostsWithDeleted table where some information about deleted posts is preserved. To be more specific, the data left for deleted posts are the data marked by 1 in the relevant part of Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE. They are Id, PostTypeId (1=question,2=answer), ParentId (for answers), CreationDate, DeletionDate, Score, Tags, ClosedDate. Notice that no data about the poster are kept.

So if some of this information that is kept might help you locate the question, you could be able to find it this way. A hypothetical example: If you remember that you have posted the question at some point during last summer and if you remember that it had tag which is not used very often, this might reduce the number of questions to check.

In the queries below you can find list of urls of posts which fulfill given criteria. You can click on them one by one - if you are allowed to see them (i.e., if you are either 10k+ user or if it is your own post) you can see for yourself whether that is the question you are interested in. (You can find similar queries also in this answer: Are there some tools to follow deletions on this site?)

I will add that 10k+ users might use similar approach to find some of the deleted posts - if they remember some of this information about the post they are looking for.


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