There are at least seven pages of closed questions (I got the list by searching for closed:1 the).

Some of them are clearly off-topic and I believe we can delete them.

Here are a few:





I believe we can also delete the ones closed as "Not a Real Question".


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Done. I agree that these add no value to the community.

Edit: On the other hand, several closed questions have answers with positive vote totals. If the questions are deleted, the answerers will lose the corresponding reputation. Not a huge deal, but I was going to delete a whole bunch of closed questions until I realized this (still deleted a few, though).

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    $\begingroup$ Please consider deleting the "uses of "of"" question. $\endgroup$ Dec 25, 2010 at 16:50

My position on this is here


Scroll down to "Why do you allow content to be deleted?" but the short version is, you should typically delete closed content that adds no value to the community.


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