I observed that there are many more featured questions at math.SE than on some other SE-pages. I wonder whether this increases per time, and how it increases. Is the increase linear with active users (one would expect that) or different?

So especially I am wondering whether there is a graph with: x-axis: time from start of math.SE, y-axis: number of featured questions.

It would be interesting, and I see the information of time and bounties is still in the system (one can see it in the user pages).

Thanks for info!


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I don't think you will find any insight here, but anyway:

New bounties per month


New users per month


Cumulative count of bounties


Cumulative count of users


Sources: bounties, users

  • $\begingroup$ Cool thank you! It's interesting, haven't seen these subsites. Secondly I'm a bit surprised, because I expected the number of bounties grows faster than the users. But its not (at least approximativly). $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 6, 2014 at 11:55

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