Some other question was about the importance of knowing mathematics for programmers. I wonder if you think that mathematics will be more or less important for software development in the future. More specifically do you expect a software developer or a programmer in the future to know more or less mathematics? I would believe that most good programmers know some calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics or combinatorics to analyse a problem.

Is the question something that would not get closed and might get an answer? I don't know if it's good for math or better for programmers. I saw similar questions e.g. "Do I have to know mathematics to call myself engineer" while I'm asking what you think the work will look like in the future and if what is traditionally done be a programmer could get divided into two or more roles where I have some very good experienced collaboration with exceptionally good mathematician who did not like to write software program but he could verifiy that a solution theoretically worked and therefore I thought that it was a good team with one programmer and one mathematician while in business such a team is more often one art director/designer and one programmer.


Will mathematics be more or less important for the software developers in the far future e.g. 50 yearsw from now, 100 years from now or even further on? I chose to study computer science when I thought that it was important to know more mathematics. I assumed that you had to know much mathematics to be a skilled programmer. Then I read here and there that you might not know much mathematics at all to be a programmer.

Or would you think that roles in teamwork will get more separated and specialized between programmers, architects/designers and and software analysts where programmers might not have to know much mathematics becuse an analyst already analyzed and did the mathematics for a specific program, where the architect/designer was responsible for design and a programmer just translates a problem that was already guaranteed to work and the programmer must not now mathematics and that could be the responsibility of a software analyst?


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do you expect

This has Closed as primarily opinion-based written all over it. Better fit for Quora.

Generally, if you'd like to know about the importance of subject A for subject B, you should ask people doing B rather than people doing A. So... looking at Programmers, I see the question Do you have to be good at math to be a good programmer? with 67 answers. Predictably, closed with the aforementioned reason.


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