Here is the description of the tag "soft question":

For questions that don't admit a definitive answer but still are relevant to this site. Please be specific about what you are after.

I am wondering if a question is asking for an example, whether it should be tagged as "soft question" or not. It seems to me yes because usually examples are not unique, there is (usually) more than one answers and thus no "a definitive answer". For example, if I ask

What is an example of a group which is not abelian but metaabelian?

Should the question be tagged as "soft question"?


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Every mathematical statement can be proved in more than one way, so there is no unique answer to anything posted on the site. The real issue is whether answers can be objectively evaluated as correct or incorrect; I believe this is what the description of is actually trying to say.

The tag should not be used here. Use and most importantly, a tag for the subject area of the question (e.g., ).


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