EDIT: It seems to perhaps be an issue with Firefox. Is this the case for anyone? It uses STIX in Chrome, but not FF.

I did a search and couldn't find any information on this.

It seems the font used for mathematics has been changed to a sans-serif font at some point. Can't be have STIX fonts back? Or at least set up MathJax to prefer STIX if it's available? (this is a possibility, see this).

While sans-serif might be bigger and easier to read for some folks, it has far less symbology than either TeX or STIX. Moreover, it doesn't even support a good amount of common math characters, such as blackboard bold R: $\mathbb{R}$ which was written \mathbb{R}.

MathJax has facilities to help hard-to-read mathematics, such as the zoom feature, usable by the users.

Lastly, parentheses don't always align right (for me), which came to my attention especially in my response here.

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    $\begingroup$ I'm still seeing all math in a serif typeface. (Firefox 3.6 on Linux.) Can you try a hard refresh and see if it helps? $\endgroup$ – user856 Mar 21 '11 at 22:25

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