This is not asking about whether Comments should be disabled in locked/deleted questions/review queues, a topic that has been raised before, but a more minor issue on the link-behavior that seems to be intended for that text, at least appearing in the context of deleted posts. (Viewing the HTML element shows a bit of Javascript add-link code.)

It would make sense to have it function as a link to a Review Queue FAQ (e.g. about when Comments are appropriate in reviews) or perhaps to a Meta.SE discussion on the policy's history.

This might be a bug, or it might be some planned or implemented functionality that has been temporarily suspended pending improvement.

Although the link functionality is "disabled", the Javascript element provides this "hover text" on mouse-over:

Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid comments like "+1" or "thanks".

This is the same hint provided for the normal add-comment link. A Meta.SE Question last year criticized this "hint" as not helpful and called for its removal.


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