If I access the question "divergent product" (Divergent products.) using the tag or using the tag I see the same name for the author of the question ("gerben") but one time with 16 rep and one time with 1 rep. Perhaps the unexperienced user has one correct account under his name, and has also stepped in without registration but with the same symbolic name, don't know.
Anyway, the SE-engine seems to step between that user-accounts(?) arbitrarily when you click on the user-names.

Is someone able to look at this? (I didn't want to make a big thing out of this so I did not apply the option of flagging)


The question was asked by an unregistered user, and the account seems to have "split" (and a second account was created).

The original question was asked by a user account with 16 points; then answered by a different user account (which likely belongs to the same user) and it only has 1 point.

If you look closely you'll see that the case of 16 points it says "asked by ..." and in the case of the 1 point it says "answered by ..."

  • $\begingroup$ Perhaps someone can contact the user and help him merge his regular account and his ad-hoc-/temporary account? I remember I had also to merge two accounts when I began accessing MO but it's long time ago and I don't remember how this worked... (and, surely, I cannot contact the user myself) (and, to help that user was also the original intention of my question) $\endgroup$ – Gottfried Helms Feb 12 '15 at 10:07

This might explain the differences you are seeing. Note that when you view a tag by newest the questions are sorted according to asking time, and the account shown will be the account used to ask the question. Looking at it by activity shows the questions sorted by last activity time, and the account shown will be that which last made an action (e.g., posting or editing a post) in the question.

As Asaf mentioned, one Gerben account was used to ask the question, and another Gerben had the last activity in the question. (The asking account is unregistered, and has likely been lost to the owner.)


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