I have come across a user that very rarely accepts answers even though most of his questions have several answers, some of which are correct and address the user's question more than adequately.

I understand that it sometimes happens that none of the answers are adequate but this is clearly not the case.

Why would someone not choose one of the answers as the accepted one when his question is answered?

Should moderators be allowed to do something about this? For example, ask users to accept an answer before posting additional questions.

Should there be a minimum acceptance ratio?


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I do not believe we can make that sort of software change. Compare this on the main StackExchange meta: Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate - they seem to not care about accept rates. You could take their approach. If you do care about accept rates, the best thing IMHO is to leave polite comments reminding the user about accepting answers, and not writing answers to their new questions in the meantime.


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