I asked the community to check my proof for correctness.

After reading a comment today I believe the proof is not correct. But I can't do anything because my question was closed as a duplicate.

It is not clear to me how my proof is a duplicate. The proof in the other thread is not the same. The person made different mistakes.

Is it possible to reopen my question? I really need help...

  • $\begingroup$ For what is worth, I see no mistakes in your proof. You might want to argue more carefully why $e^{2\pi i (k-j)/n}=1$ implies $k=j$, for example noting that $2\pi$ is the least positive real number for which $e^{it}=1$. You can even take this as the definition of $2\pi$. $\endgroup$
    – Pedro Mod
    Mar 3, 2015 at 6:17

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The question has now been reopened. You did the right thing by coming to meta.

In general, you have the following options when you feel a question (not necessarily your own) shouldn't have been closed:

  • Posting in the dedicated chatroom;
  • Posting in the dedicated thread as an answer;
  • Editing your question to indicate it is not a duplicate. Editing automatically sends your question to the queue for reopening candidates.

In particular, for future reference, it is best not to create a separate thread for every question that ought to be reopened. The dedicated thread was installed with the purpose of limiting the number of questions like this one.


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