I have seen several people do this, and I've always felt awkward about it, but most recently the issue came up with this pair of questions. More generally, suppose we have two questions which are

  • made by the same user
  • within a day or two of each other
  • for the purposes of solving an elementary* problem
  • with work shown
  • asking for direction and commentary on their work
  • for which the later question implements a suggestion given in the earlier one.

The fact that the problem is "elementary" in some sense feels significant, but it might not be: this pair of questions is what I had in mind for a nonexample, although it loosely satisfies all the criteria above except "elementary".

My gut always wants to close the later question as a duplicate to consolidate discussion, but the surface-level questions being asked are not really the same (at all). So I thought I'd ask the community to see if you had any insight here.



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