Today this question appeared in my Low Quality Posts queue. The description said that someone flagged it as low-quality.

In case it gets deleted, here's the content:

Find the equation of the line through $(2,2)$ and forming with the axes a triangle of area $9$.

The post dates 15 july 2013 (almost two years ago).

In my honest opinion, it does not satisfy the current definition of "on-topic", because it's a homework question that does not show any effort towards the solution of the problem. However, I ignore whether it was considered off-topic at the time it was written, seeing that it has 3 answers too.

I skipped the review, but questions are:

  • Should I have recommended deletion as off-topic?

  • More generally, do quality standards work retroactively?

Added: To be fair, in the comments there was a vague reference by the OP to an "intercept method", so the answer to the first question might be No (or, at least, someone could argue over the presence of a tiny effort). Let's say that the question remains, but my example is not the best one.