There are many tags which are blacklisted. And so are some strings/words/phrases in the title.

Is it possible to have a list of them publicly available somewhere?

As I was told by a moderator in chat: "Some of the blacklisted input is more sensitive (some stuff that helps prevent certain types of spam). Blacklisted items that we've requested are probably safe to state publicly."

So could we have at least list of those which are safe to publish?


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Blacklisted tags

I will start here list of blacklisted tags based on past discussions and information I was given by Arthur Fischer in chat. I made the post CW - it should be expanded if some new tags are blacklisted and if some other information can be added.

Other blacklisted input


  • In response to Should the site have an automatic word filter for titles?, some words trigger a warning when used in short titles. These words are often fillers that don't convey information. If used in a short title, the user is warned that the title may be insufficiently specific, but they don't prevent the question from being submitted even then, so one can ask about "Sections in a very ample line bundle".

    • anyone, difficult, doubt, easy, hard, help, interesting, please, problem, query, question, someone, stuck, very
  • Titles (at least 15 characters long) without any lowercase letters (^(?-i:\P{Ll}+){15,}$); produce a DON'T SHOUT! warning

  • Post bodies (at least 30 characters long) without any lowercase letters (^(?-i:\P{Ll}+){30,}$); produce a DON'T SHOUT! warning

  • occurrences of imageshack.us in post bodies produce a warning in reaction to ImageShack reusing image URLs for advertising purposes; see Ban ImageShack images because they are reusing old URLs for advertising

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