When searching for "trigonometry" or something similar in the tag list (or when editing a question), the appears, and is said to contain 72 questions:

image of the tag appearing

But there's a twist: is a synonym of , which has 10k+ questions, and the following link redirects to :


What is happening here? Why is the tag appearing in the tag list and when editing questions, and with a different count of questions to boot? Is it the expected behavior?

(I'm asking because I was editing a question involving a trigonometric function, and kept editing the tag back to , wondering what was happening... In any case it's annoying behavior, and if it's not a bug I'll consider making this into a feature request.)


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When a tag synonym is created, the synonym remains on the questions tagged with it, unless the tags are merged. In this case, the synonym was suggested in the "Tagging" chatroom, gathered a few upvotes and lingered on until somebody suggested that I cast the final vote, which I did.

I did however not think of merging the tags then, so remained in its half-dead state, impossible to attach to new questions, but remaining where it already was.

The tags have now been merged, so won't be suggested any longer.


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