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This might not be the place to ask this question, but I would not know where else to being that it pertains to SE in particular. I was wondering is the functionality of the displayed math mode command gone for use here. The command in which I am talking about is below:


It seems to work now I see as sample code but not as a functional math related command.

Any explanations on this will be appreciated.

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This question should be asked on meta.math.SE.

For the sake of having a quick answer: You need to use \\[...\\]

For instance, writing \\[ \int e^x. \\] gives

\[ \int e^x. \]

Alternatively, you can also use $$...$$. You'll surely get more detailed information shortly.

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The strings




have meaning in Markdown, per https://math.stackexchange.com/editing-help

Thus, you must escape them. Or to keep it simple, use $ (inline) and $$ (block) syntax.

\begin{equation} ... \end{equation} 

also works.

\begin{equation} \int e^{-x^2/2} dx \end{equation}


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