A while ago, I was rviewing LQP's, and I came across this, or more specifically this answer. My opinion was that it was NAA since it basically restates the question in the form of a hint, as a comment below it says. So I clicked "Recommend Deletion", and… WHAT? Only two comment choices: No comment needed, and This is a link-only answer (and not spam). Plus a sort-of warning. Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

I opened the answer, and flagged it as NAA. I was tempted to flag for mod attention to ask what was going on here, but then I thought I would just do my review via a flag, and hit Looks OK on the review queue. So my question is: why did this happen? Why were the choices not present? And what should I have done? Did I take an appropriate course of action?


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There is a common misconception about that dialog: users think that they are asked to choose a reason for deletion. That's not what it is: the dialog asks you what, if any, comment you want to leave for the author. There is no such thing as "reason for deletion"; only close votes are annotated with reasons, not other types of votes.

Your choices are simple: Leave as is, Edit, Delete, Skip (no decision). Comments are another action, a follow-up to the decision to delete. The presence or absence of comment options should not affect your decision.

Reason for this change

There was a recent change to the comment options, which the dialog explains: for very old posts, appeals such as "leave a comment instead" are just noise, because nobody feels like digging up a remark they made three years ago and putting it in a comment. No comment needed is a good selection for those.


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