I have the exact same question as this :Sum of projections

This was asked in 2011- I have asked my own question about it in the comments (you can see the comments) but sadly the original asker is happy and understands the solution unlike me- How do I "reawaken" the question so that somebody who posted in the thread replies- no new person will reply because it won't appear as a new question- it's been resolved- and many users who discussed it then at the time have not been seen on stackeexchange for months or years.

In general what do I do for future questions when a situation like this arises?


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Generally, one is advised to set a bounty with the reason "Improve details: The current answers do not contain enough detail."

In the specific case, Daniel Fischer explained the answer in a comment, and also pointed out another question, Problem with sum of projections, which contains a nice proof of the result in the question itself (the answer deals with a more general problem). I then posted a CW-answer based on that question.

It seems that the answering method of "post a hint as an answer, follow it up by half a dozen clarifications in comments" has some visible drawbacks 5 years later.

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    – ahorn
    May 6, 2016 at 21:40

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