I'm studying for quals/prelims. Tests you take in your first year or two of PhD (at least in America). Sometimes I want to browse problems that specifically came up in some qualifying/preliminary exam.

When I look for "measure theory" there are elementary or high level questions mixed in with the types of problems you would see on a qual. Should we create a new tag or is there I way I can personally filter to see just problems that could come up on a qual?


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"The types of problems you would see on a qual" only makes sense if one has a particular educational system in mind. One country's graduate qual is another's undergraduate exam. The level varies a lot within the same country, too.

Even assuming we all agree on what a "qual problem" means, the tag wouldn't achieve the goal. Users posting qual content will not think of tagging their questions this way; also, some if not most of qual-level problems will be asked not in the context of a qual.

In conclusion, this meta-tag would muddy the tagging waters while failing to achieve any of its goals, as did earlier.

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