I was looking at the list of hot questions and I saw this:

Question title is - "Are all paedophiles to this sequence of the form p to the k with p prime?"

Thinking someone was trolling, I clicked on the question, only to find that the offending word had changed to 'pseudoprime':

Question title now reads - "Are all pseudoprimes to this sequence of the form p to the k with p prime?"

There was no edit history or record of anything being changed. I clicked back to check I hadn't misread it, but no - the question was just as I had remembered.

Shortly afterwards, I looked again, and the title had been corrected to 'pseudoprimes'. But there was still no record of the question having been edited.

What is going on here?


This is presumably due to the 5 minute* grace period: If you write a post and edit it within 5 minutes, the edits do not show up in the revision history - it is as if the post had never been edited. This also applies after you make an edit on a post and then make another one quickly afterwards.

(*For detail on the current functionality, see here. It's a little more complicated than a strict 5 minute limit)


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