I was looking at the list of hot questions and I saw this:

Question title is - "Are all paedophiles to this sequence of the form p to the k with p prime?"

Thinking someone was trolling, I clicked on the question, only to find that the offending word had changed to 'pseudoprime':

Question title now reads - "Are all pseudoprimes to this sequence of the form p to the k with p prime?"

There was no edit history or record of anything being changed. I clicked back to check I hadn't misread it, but no - the question was just as I had remembered.

Shortly afterwards, I looked again, and the title had been corrected to 'pseudoprimes'. But there was still no record of the question having been edited.

What is going on here?


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This is presumably due to the 5 minute* grace period: If you write a post and edit it within 5 minutes, the edits do not show up in the revision history - it is as if the post had never been edited. This also applies after you make an edit on a post and then make another one quickly afterwards.

(*For detail on the current functionality, see here. It's a little more complicated than a strict 5 minute limit)


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