As it is possible to see the last time when you or others visited M.SE, I wonder if one can see a statistics of visits of your own or of a specific user for a period of time (last year, let's say).


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This is more of a supplement to quid's answer.

Regular users can only see the visits information for their own account. Where in your own profile you might see

my profile with visits data

looking at another user's profile will show

another's profile without visits data

On the other hand site moderators (and SE employees) can see any user's complete visit information, including the little calendar showing exact (UTC) dates visited.


A partial answer:

For your own account this data is available in detail and nicely presented: go to your user profile, then clicking on "visited {number} days, {othernumber} consecutive" will give you a calendar marking each and every day you visited.


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