This seems quite difficult for me especially that I am interested for questions related to series and integration. Usually you want your question to be easily discovered by search engines but this is a difficult to task for questions that require calculations. Here are some samples

Good titles

Generalized Euler sum $\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{H_n}{n^q}$

Integrating around a dog bone contour

Real and imaginary part of Gamma function

Gauss Digamma theorem proof

Calculating alternating Euler sums of odd powers

Bad titles

A really interesting logarithm integral

Integral of a rational function

Hypergeometric value

Tough quadrilogarithm integral


  • What are your thoughts on constructing a good question for that category of questions ? (titles like tough integral, difficult integral or not easy integral seem to be too broad).
  • While enforcing questions to contain LaTeX might be useful I think it is important to include some important distinctive features of the question like (integral of rational function of polynomials ) , what do you think of that ?
  • Since MSE is becoming the source of most Math questions, is there any cooperation between Google and MSE to facilitate searching using LaTeX ?


  • It seems like questions containing LaTeX in the title can be really useful especially when identifying duplicate questions and related questions. For example, once I start typing the question in LaTeX I can see some correlated questions or titles.


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