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Plus-on-up and minus-on-down

Plus-Minus. Means a quantity of same magnitude can have either a positive or a negative value. As commonly found in square roots such as

$$\sqrt[2]{625}= +-25$$.

Here is an Wikipedia SVG-example of a basic trigonometry formula:

sin theta equals to plusminus Sqrt over whole 1 minus cos square theta.

How to render it using MathJax?



Also I've seen use of minus-plus, i.e. minus-plus.

I can't remember specific example but it was probably in some chemistry related text, in a situation; two variables (say $x$ and $y$) each have positive and negative value. But if $x$ is positive then $y$ is negative, and if $x$ is negative then $y$ is positive.

Don't know whether the second one is standard or not; but if the second-one is standard or allowed in MathJax; how to use it in MathJax formatting??


PS. I've gone through MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference and also seen Google but could not find.


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You can use $$ \pm $$ or $$ \mp $$ That is





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