Recently, I noticed that a couple of questions I posted were removed.

This is unfortunate, because my questions become a reference for me when I go back into the texts, and reading them again helps me.

I don't understand why the questions were removed, for me they seem to be of good quality, but maybe it is not up to me to decide, but to the caretakers of the site.

Still, I would like to know if it is possible to have access to the questions, so that I can store them in a safe place for my personal usage.

the questions removed were

in 16 september 2017

-Trouble understanding the use of the Branching Exclusion process. Question from a the paper from De Masi, Ferrari and Lebowitz

-Integrating for small values of x. A possible typo in the notes from Hairer.

-How to compute Lϵ(Yϵτ(ϕ))? A question on the paper from De Masi , Ferrari and Lebowitz

9 Sep 2017

-Estimates on the magnetization fluctuation field. A question concerning the paper from De Masi , Ferrari and Lebowitz


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