Lately I’ve found that the MathJax display on math.stackexchange.com in the iOS app of StackExchange has been different from what it was like before. For example (I used the below content without asking for permission, so if the owner of that post asked, I’ll delete or modify it.), the current MathJax display on iOS app is like this , which you can see, is just as ugly (out of emotion, would delete if offensive) as the math symbol typed in Microsoft Word (especially the sigma notation for summation). The original MathJax display is completely like LaTeX, I did not expected this to happen so I didn’t screenshot the appearance of display before the change, but I swear it is more like this (With the same content as the example above), so there are two things that I’d like to confirm. First, is it also happened at your iOS devices? Or is it just the problem with the system of mine, which cause this happen? Second, is it possible to ask for changing back? The original one is truly much more beautiful.


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