Having recently gotten to 2,000 reputation, I have been able to review questions tagged as low quality with the possibility of recommending deletion. While certainly some questions/answers are good and definitely not worthy of deletion, a lot of questions are ambiguous as to whether they merit recommending deletion.

Most of these ambiguous questions are legitimate questions about mathematics but they are often poorly formatted (which can obviously be fixed in an edit), a clear homework question with none of the OP's thoughts, attempted solutions, or other context, or are lack important details like notations (which may or may not have been clarified in the comments.) Answers can be similarly hard to classify, with answers that do have valuable insights to the OP but which are incomplete.

I searched around the help center but there seemed to be nothing of use as to when to recommend deletion. Could there be a section of the help center added to help establish guidelines about when to recommend deletion on posts, perhaps including "worked examples" of when to and when not to recommend deletion?

Also, presumably the mechanism of downvoting is the primary way on this site of signaling the quality of content. In which contexts is deletion seen as necessary rather than simply downvoting? Is recommending deletion in the case of low quality seen as a subjective measure or is there an objective standard?



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