I failed a review audit for an answer which is actually a comment. The user claimed to have insufficient reputation to leave a comment, but he/she wanted to stop other users from answering the question (with a legitimate reason).

Despite my appreciation of his/her courage, given that I was doing a "review", I clicked "Deletion" with "No comments needed" because IMHO, to arouse others' attention for content problem of the question, flagging the question would be a better option than leaving a comment as an answer. Then, the system alerted me to this review audit failure.

Should I let him go the next time by clicking "Looks OK"?


No, you did right. That's not an answer in any way, and voting to delete it is the correct action.

The poor audit system was misled by the post having a score of +5. Since it doesn't know any mathematics, the only criterion it has to pick posts for audits is the vote tally. Sometimes that leads to wrong-headed audits. But that's at least as much an issue with the voters as with the audit system.


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