As the title says MathJax isn't loaded into the comments in Firefox (but works fine for the answers!). Does someone else has the same problem? How to fix it? (Everything works fine in Chrome.)
This issue occurred yesterday.

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    I'm having the very same problem: not only MathJax, but if I try to flag a comment, the flagging menu does not show. The same happens on every other SE community that I belong to, so it seems to be a SE-related issue, not a MSE one. Moderators, could you please forward this to the SE team? – Alex M. Feb 1 at 9:34
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    I observe the same. The formula source text is loaded, then removed, but not replaced with the rendered formula. Additionally, frequently but not always the comment is cut where the first formula would start. – LutzL Feb 1 at 10:40
  • What version of Firefox are you using? – Joseph Quinsey Feb 1 at 15:35
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    52.6.0 (32-bit) as in the answer. Looking at the selection source of a comment, everything is "rendered" to MathML, just not shown. – LutzL Feb 1 at 16:35
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    Should work again now. – balpha Feb 2 at 12:48
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    @balpha Yes, indeed. – user26857 Feb 2 at 16:13
  • Testing: $\mu(n) = \delta_{\Omega(n)}^{\omega(n)}$... – Robert Soupe Feb 5 at 0:23
  • For what it's worth, I've noticed this but haven't always noticed if it's limited to the comments or not. – Robert Soupe Feb 5 at 0:25

[Answer copied from Comments with MathJax not rendered on Firefox ESR. ]

As noted in the comments to the post Date/time on comments, there are two workarounds for now for Firefox ESR 52.6.0.

  • Click on "show xx more comments" (if this is present).
  • Otherwise, open and close the Web Developer Inspector panel (Cntrl+Shift+C).

Hopefully, these will be needed only temporarily.

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