How do I follow particular tags for new questions asked with this tag?


(1) You can subscribe to a tag (to get emailed a list of questions that come up each day in the selected tag), and

(2) you can also designate your favorite tags, which are then highlighted in light-blue in the list of of all questions.

To do either, you need to go to your profile page and select the third tab from the left: "Edit profile and settings".

(1) On the menu to the far left, note the red subtitle "Email settings". Click on the option "question subscriptions". For each tag you select, a list of questions asked will then be sent to your email account each day. (Unless you want a flooded email in box, use this sparingly.)

(2) On the menu in the left-most column, again, using the tab "Edit profile and settings", you'll encounter the red "site-settings". Below that will be "preferences." Click on it, and you'll read "Tags", and to the right of that, there'll be a text box for you to enter your "favorite tags". Questions in the tags you add there will be highlighted, then.

Note: you can also "ignore" tags you choose to ignore. Questions using any tag you choose to ignore become barely visible in the new or active questions lists.

Just as you go to the "edit profile and settings" tab to select favorite tags, you open that tab, and below the $\color{red}{\text{SITE SETTINGS}}$ header, click on "preferences":

TAGS: first you can select your favorite tags, and/or second, you can select the tags you want to ignore.


As explained in other answer, you can change this in /users/preferences. Another way to change favorite tags is editing the tags directly in the sidebar on the right. Alternatively, you can use the tooltip of a given tag.

I will quote from: What do “favorite tags” and “ignored tags” do?

To favour a tag, do one of the following:

  • In the tag’s tooltip, click on the star.
  • On the main page’s sidebar, click on Add a favorite tag.
  • On the main page’s sidebar, click on edit next to Favorite Tags.
  • On /users/preferences, use the respective field in the Tags section.

In the tooltip displayed when you hover above a tag, you can see small star on the top left. By repeatedly clicking on it, you can switch between favorite tag/ignored tag/no special status. You can also click on subscribe if you want to add email notification about new questions.

screenshot of tooltip

If you look in the sidebar on the right, you should see list of your favorite tags (possibly empty). By clicking on "edit" or "add a favorite tags", you can add some new tags to your favorites.

screenshot of favorite tags


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