I just posted a question, and explain the motivations (to get some advances on an open problem, but I don't even hope to solve it) I didn't answer totally to my question, but some further statements I made from it, made me realize that if the "motivation" part statements are correct, then I have a proof of the open problem... So I must have made a mistake in the "motivation part" , but I'm afraid that people don't pay attention to the details of the motivation part, and that they focus on the main question... So I wonder if it's ok in the math stack exchange, to ask if a demonstration is correct. I'm going to try to figure out myself where is the mistake, but if I don't, and if I do but miss a nice argument that make a specific correction be relevant in some way, then it might be a good thing to ask people of the community to help find the mistake... as an illustration, here is the post I'm talking about Lattice countably generated by join-irreducible elements, such that any principal filter contains almost any random element of $L$

Anyway, I already wanted to ask this meta-question before this particular post on the maths stack exchange

(I apology for bad english as well^^)