When a comment comes in on one of my posts, I get the red inbox showing up on the "Recent inbox messages" icon just to the right of my avatar-plus-stats. That's all very fine. I can click on the inbox and quickly navigate to the comments on my post. I think it would be nice if, after doing so, (so the comments are now read) if I click on my avatar-plus-stats, the "responses" tab should not show up as having unread messages - they're the same messages I just read. The same thing happens to reputation. If I look at the reputation in the "Recent achievements" button, there's no need for it to be unread in the "reputation" tab when I click my avatar-plus-stats button.

Could these two areas be better coordinated? If I read in one, the other should update, right?

Not entirely sure if this is more of a bug or more of a feature request.


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