Searching for "how to represent a square as a matrix", Google's first hit was perfect

I only searched on Google after not seeing a good result on math.stackexchange's search result. Math.stackexchange has a great result, here, but after looking through every single page of my initial search results, it was not present.

So my question is, can the search feature be optimized in such a way that searching for something like "how to represent a square as a matrix" would return result "Can we represent a square using a single matrix" to begin with and, additionally, on the first page of the results (preferably near the top of the result.)

I thought I've noticed something like this before but I never paid attention. This is actually really related to what I'm talking about. The answer here seems to indicate the search bar is evolving over time, but that was 2014. This seems like the only valid work around I may play with later- although doing manual searches on two different pages isn't that hard I guess.



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