Generally, I do not post such a question, but I am just throwing out an idea for this site.

A lot of times on this site I ask a question with a particular tag, and the same group of users typically respond to my question. The people that respond to questions of a particular tag typically are experts in that field and know their material. A lot of times after I receive an excellent answer from a user, I click on their profile to see other answers they have posted. Often times, I wonder what proofs these people are capable of.

It would be nice if there was a section on someone's profile known as Proofs. When someone clicks on this section, they would get a list of proofs the user has previously typed out. For example, a user might click on my profile, click on Proofs, and a list would open up beneath it as follows:

  1. Binomial Theorem and Multinomial Theorem

  2. Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

  3. Counting Walks via Adjacency Matrices

Then, one could click on one of these proofs that he or she might want to learn more about it. I think the setup should be just like that of asking questions except without an answer box. In other words, people could still comment on the proof, mark it as a favorite, make suggestions, like, or even dislike the proof.

I feel like doing this would be an excellent opportunity for people to be able learn from each other.

$\textbf{Question:}$ Does anyone know how this could be implemented?

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    I don't think this really fits with the question-and-answer format of the site. This isn't a blog or ProofWiki or similar site, so I doubt that this would fit here. – T. Bongers Aug 6 at 1:08
  • I did not know there was a better place to put it. Do you know where it should belong? – W. G. Aug 6 at 2:02
  • I did ask it here already but was told to use this site. Maybe I am misunderstanding what this site is used for. – W. G. Aug 6 at 2:10
  • To find the top users of a particular tag, click here. To check posts that user has posted under a certain tag, go to their profile under the tag section, then click whichever tag you are interested in. – Simply Beautiful Art Aug 6 at 2:13
  • That is different than what I was thinking of. I was thinking of a list of proofs that the user would have on their profile. I did not know you could do that though. – W. G. Aug 6 at 2:16
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    This "sub-site" is about things related to the main site. Note: T.Bongers is not saying this is the wrong place to ask, but that the answer is no, simply because your request does not fit the main site's purposes. – Simply Beautiful Art Aug 6 at 2:16
  • Ohhhhh. I get it now. – W. G. Aug 6 at 2:17
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  • I did not know that. That is pretty cool. I mean there is an easy solution to avoid the whole blog or ProofWiki aspect of the idea. I mean one could limit the proofs down to a number (let's say 5). Then, one could limit the word count to a number for each proof. That way the site isn't overwhelmed with blog info. I too thought about that more in the way many users would just put a whole book of proofs. This avoids the whole blog scenario but keeps individuality of the proofs up to the user. – W. G. Aug 6 at 2:24

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