I would like to know, if it is possible, how many users are banned to ask more questions per month or year. I'm asking for an approximation. Also I would also like to know if these users are typically new users (say us members for a few months). The situation that I evoke is when an user can't ask more questions due the quantity of downvotes that he/she got.

My motivation is just to get an idea about it. (I'm sorry for my English) I am asking about question ban, when a user is blocked for asking new questions.

Question. Are there (public) stats about how many users are banned to ask more questions per month or year in the site Mathematics Stack Exchange? I am asking about question ban, when a user is blocked for asking new questions. Have you any idea about it, how many are they, and if are new users? Many thanks.

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    It is unclear from your post whether you are asking about question limits (which are set as 6 questions pre day and 50 questions er month) or whether you are asking about question ban. – Martin Sleziak Aug 8 at 8:21
  • Many thanks for your help @MartinSleziak I believe that these stats are important, that is my Question in my post (and also, a different question that I don't ask in previous post but that I believe that should be important to analyze in a different META post, how many new users have an account but they never did any activity with them account?) – user243301 Aug 8 at 10:14
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  • Many thanks again @MartinSleziak On the other hand I add commenting for all users interested in my Question, that: 1) I think that this site Mathematics Stack Exchange is different of other sites, is different ask about a question on mathematics than other subject for which there are sites in the network Stack Exchange; and 2) that also there is a crucial importance about mathematics in the way that students/people need to learn about it to improve him/her education (there are regions or countries that are depressed or in special circumstances) or improve economic chances to get a better job. – user243301 Aug 8 at 13:33
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    AFAIK, since question ban indicator is not shown publicly to other users, there's no public way for mere mortals to know this, not sure about mods though. The automatic ban formula is also kept secret (for good reasons), so there's no way to know the real count. An approximation can be done by looking at user's stream of negatively scored posts history, then suddenly no question (or 1 question after every 6 months) after that (either Q-banned or rage quit). The only way to know this is to ask CM (e.g. Shog)/SE devs. – Andrew T. Aug 8 at 14:56
  • Many thanks @AndrewT. I'm not interested in a specific user. My concern is about if in this site (where is required show effort/context, that a question isn't homework or even type formulas in tex) many (new) users are blocked for asking new questions (I don't know it). I was student of maths in past and I know that mathematics are very difficult, that many people may have learning problems. I think that the network Stack Exchange should introduce some tool or solution for our site MSE. I believe in the effort culture, of course, but I think that is require to analyze the stats of our site. – user243301 Aug 8 at 17:24

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