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I entered text with line breaks in the body but it doesn't show in the question.

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    Two line breaks is a paragraph break, two spaces at the end of the line cause a line break without a paragraph break. See also help/formatting. – Asaf Karagila Aug 26 at 8:53
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    See also: How to start new line on MSE? – Martin Sleziak Aug 26 at 9:30
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    I have noticed that you included (mathjax) tag - so you want to ask how to make a line break in the math mode? If you are asking about regular text (not formulas) then (markdown) is a more suitable tag and the links given in the previous comments should give you an answer to this. – Martin Sleziak Aug 26 at 9:31

Input: enter image description here Output:

Period. Period. Period and two spaces.
Period. Period. Period.

Period. Period.

Line break within math mode.
$$ x + y = 2\\x - y = 4 $$
$$ x + y = 2\\x - y = 4 $$

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