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I upvoted an answer too hastily. When I realized that the answer was wrong, I tried to cancel my upvote with a downvote. However, that simply replaced my upvote with a downvote (at a cost to the reputation of the answerer and myself). The answer, while wrong through its incompleteness, wasn't so bad as to warrant a downvote, in my view; it just didn't deserve an upvote in its present state. So, in particular, is there a way just to withdraw an upvote cast in error for an answer? More generally, is there a way to neutralize any of one's mistaken votes, within a reasonably short time, leaving no net effect on anyone's reputation?

If I may anticipate one type of answer to this question: the solution is not to vote in haste. This is a lesson I have already tried to learn.

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Click on the arrow again, it will retract the vote without incurring a downvote. Once five minutes pass, the vote is locked and an edit is needed to change or retract it.

Just click the upvote button again to cancel it. (Or the downvote button, now that you've replaced your upvote with a downvote.)

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