I realise this question has been asked before, but there are cases (like "Possible definitions of exponential function") where replacing just one character is sufficient for making a correction (I've done some extra editing of the accompanying text, just to get my edit pass).

Is it possible to disable the 6-character rule for edits in mathematical formulas?

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    While I truly wish this was a feature, I think that the mechanics behind of it would be highly nontrivial. I think that in case there is a small enough typo, leaving a comment explaining to the author how to fix the formula (or pointing out a typo) should be fine, or if all else failed, go to the main chat and find someone with enough points to make the edit for you. – Asaf Karagila Nov 8 at 11:34
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    To comment on what @AsafKaragila expressed, upon reaching 2000 rep (2k), one can make such a one-character edit. The six-character requirement applies only to suggested edits, which, when successful, earn 2 points for the suggested editor with less than 2000 in reputation. So think of it an an inconvenient, but temporary, feature. – amWhy Nov 8 at 15:16

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