As stated in the title, I do not know how to do that... I see only things arrange questions like "newest, votes, active"...Thanks in advance.

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There is information regarding this in the How do I search? page.

You can do the following searches, for example:


will return all questions which were created from 2014-01-01 to 2017-12-31.

You can refine this to


for a precision of months, or


for a precision of days.

You can couple this with other criteria. (You will find that even small intervals of time yield a very high number of questions.)

For example,

created:2014-04-01..2016-05-03 score:4 [differential-geometry] curvature

returns questions asked between 2014-04-01 and 2016-05-03, with score at least 4, in the tag and with "curvature" in its contents.

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