Quite often, I'm guessing since the Close Vote Review Queue is pretty much always greater than 200, there is a red dot on my Review Queue button indicating that some review queue is abnormally large. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I still get the red dot even when I've performed my maximum 20 reviews in that same queue. Even that wouldn't be a problem, except that sometimes the red dot is there, and sometimes the red dot is not there. The inconsistency is distracting. I could go either way on this: 1. The red dot is always there whenever any review queue is greater than 200. 2. The red dot is only there whenever any review queue, that I have not maxed out my daily amount in, is over 200. Right now, the red dot is neither, so far as I can tell.

Can someone please confirm the exact conditions for when the red dot appears?



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