New year, new tag management thread.

Rules of the game are basically the same:

  • Post your suggestion as an answer here if you see
    • A particularly bad tag (a rule of thumb: «if I can't imagine a person classifying a tag as either interesting or ignored, I'm getting rid of it»),
    • A tag that should be a synonym of an existing one,
    • A tag that used for two or more completely unrelated things,
    • A need to create a new tag;
  • Upvote/downvote/comment as your agree/disagree with suggestions, so please post different suggestions in separate answers;
  • Wait a couple of days before implementing a suggestion.
  • After the problem described in an answer is resolved, please edit it to say so.
  • If your tag suggestion exists in a separate question, please provide a link to the question in your suggestion.

See also:

Also, note that one may use [tag:calculus] for , i.e. tags on the main site, and [meta-tag:discussion] for , i.e. for tags on the meta site.


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Proposal: create "visualisation" for

The tag synonym instructions suggest the following.

If you know of common, alternate spellings or phrasings for this tag, add them here so we can automatically correct them in the future. For example, suggest “bike” as a synonym for bicycle, or “sock” for socks.

In , we use "visualisation" instead of . French regular verbs end more commonly in "-ser" then in "-zer". Searching "visualization" on French.SE gives you nothing. Since French and English develop independently and interdependently, both spellings appear in the Anglo-Saxon world. Thus, "visualisation" can be qualified as an alternate spelling of .

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    $\begingroup$ I don't think it's really worth creating French version of every tag... On the other hand, I think this spelling is sometimes used in British English, so it could be useful. $\endgroup$ – Arnaud D. Feb 16 at 23:05
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ Once one has types 'visuali' the system will propose the tag. Not needed. Plus, what about opitimiz|sation, and all its variations. Parametriz|sation etc. $\endgroup$ – quid Feb 25 at 19:25

Proposal: create "geometry-without-trigonometry" tag

Similar to the limits-without-lhopital tag, we should have a geometry-without-trigonometry tag. Many times the OP posts a problem hoping to find an "elementary" solution but the answers use trigonometry. The OP may understand trigonometry but wants a pure geometrical solution or he may be in middle school and have no idea what is trigonometry.

The tag geometry-without-trigonometry will hopefully let us avoid such problems just like limits-without-lhopital did.


Proposal: Keep tag for questions related to formulas found specifically in the book Table of Integrals, Series, and Products.

There are currently about 120 questions about formulas found in the above book, so I have tagged some of these questions with .

Although some people have pointed out that this type of meta-tag is frowned upon, I still believe that it provides added value.


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