I sometimes have lost interest in the question or do not want to think through every Detail of an answer of somebody. Since I don't want to be rude I accept an answer so other People do not waste their time. Is there a better way to deal with those situations?

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    $\begingroup$ The title says you don't understand the solution; the body says you have lost interest in the question. These are two very different things. Which one do you actually mean to ask about? $\endgroup$ – Gerry Myerson Feb 28 '19 at 23:09
  • $\begingroup$ Well it's sometimes connected I usually hope for a solution that I understand Right away but then I get a solution which requires some knowledge I don't have. Often it is a Problem that is if you have advanced understanding it is easy to solve. But since I don't have those prerequisits there is often some kind of trick involved. $\endgroup$ – RM777 Mar 1 '19 at 10:44

Accepting is not mandatory. If the answer isn't helpful because you don't understand, then I hope you don't accept it, but instead, comment asking for more clarification (as long as it's within the scope of the answer. If it starts to get tangential, then posting a follow-up question is the recommended way)

From What should I do when someone answers my question?

Accepting an answer is not mandatory; do not feel compelled to accept the first answer you receive. Wait until you receive an answer that answers your question well.

Also, from What does it mean when an answer is "accepted"?

Accepting an answer is not meant to be a definitive and final statement indicating that the question has now been answered perfectly. It simply means that the author received an answer that worked for them personally.

(Emphasis mine)

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  • $\begingroup$ From now on I will leave the Questions unaccepted then. About follow-up Questions however I did this a couple times but there is usually a commentor who tells me that I have already asked a similiar Question. $\endgroup$ – RM777 Mar 1 '19 at 10:47
  • $\begingroup$ @RM777 It's not clear you've tried leaving a comment to the answer. With me at least several times, & I've seen it happen in other cases, the OP asks for clarification. With myself & at least a fairly large majority of other cases, the answerer responds to try to ensure it's understood. As far as I know, this was fully resolved for my answers, plus also for most other cases. However, if this doesn't work & you ask a new question, make sure you reference the original question & only ask about what you're unsure of. I've seen this done successfully a few times, even with somebody else asking! $\endgroup$ – John Omielan Mar 4 '19 at 5:47

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