I am about to ask a question on math.stackexchange, which requires me to talk a little bit about my representation.

For example I include an AMScd picture, which does not look exactly how it is supposed to look like, since I do not know better, so I explain it verbally.

For the sake of readability of my question (and all those remarks are a little annoying), I would like to include them as a smaller font, to showcase, that they are not really important.

I already visited the help center and a meta.stackexchange thread on html. It seems like, that you can not use smaller fonts here.

Is there a way to include smaller text?

Else I might solve it like this:


So it does not take to much space, but still looks awful.

Thanks in advance.


As suggested in other posts about this issue, you can use <sup> or <sub>. It is probably not optimal, but at least doable within the limitations of the software. See: How do I use a small font size in questions and answers? You can also support a related feature requests Allow the <small> tag and Markdown extension for really small tiny text?

So when I occasionally have some less important text and I want to stress visually that it is less important, I simply put it between <sup> and </sup>. It is definitely not ideal, the text looks a bit unusual - but at least it is visibly smaller and visually distinguished from the rest of the text.


$$\tiny\text{is this small enough}$$ if you want it as a picture caption etc. you can use MathJax:

$$\tiny\text{tiny}\\\scriptsize{scriptsize}\\\small\text{small}\\^{\raise{-12px}{{\tiny\text{5}}}}$$ etc. not ideal though.

Addendum: added tiny text within exponent (but lowered, using raise) example. of course, if you want it not seen \phantom{text} will Also help hide it.


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