I used the query in this answer to see the number of edits per month and I was fairly surprised as April 2017 had $86,444$ edits.

Graph of edits vs time 1

The graph of edits per day is even more surprising as one day had $55, 073$ edits, though I am unable to pinpoint the exact date! I am vey surprised because referring back to the graph per month, the second most edits in a month was $33, 740$ edits on November 2015.

graph of edits vs time 2

Is this a random event or a processing error? Or did something occur so that so many edits took place (retagging, etc)? Or is this a problem in the query?


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This, I think, is the move to https links, where all the links which point to SE were silently edited in the background from http to https.

For example, https://math.stackexchange.com/posts/29797/revisions, which points out to the date in question being April 13, 2017.


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