It has now been 3 days. Although I edit questions, I do not get reputation points anymore. The edits have not been rejected. Any hints, please?


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It is possible to earn at most 1000 reputation points through suggested edits. See:

You can check your reputation breakdown at this link: https://math.stackexchange.com/reputation. If you see at the end "earned 1000 reputation from suggested edits", that means you're already at maximum.

Also your profile shows (in the activity tab) 586 edit suggestions and 570 edits. Which means you're very likely beyond 500 approved edits, corresponding to 1000 reputation points.

I will add that as soon as you're over 2000 reputation points, you can edit posts without needing an approval by other users. For a direct edit (as opposed to suggested edits, which is reviewed) a user doesn't get 2 reputation points - even if they have still less than 1000 reputation points from suggested edits.


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