In various posts on meta I have read that various math renderers can be used for MathJax, such as HTML-CSS, SVG, etc. See, for example, What is the difference between the 3 math renderers?

How can I switch between them? (How can I choose which of the renderers will be used for displaying math?)


On Windows, you should be able to get into the MathJax contextual menu by right click on any (correctly rendered) formula. This menu contains various items, you can go to Math Settings -> Math Renderer and then choose one of the renderers.

Here is a formula which you can use for testing: $$x^2+y^2=z^2.$$

Screenshot showing the MathJax menu:


On macOS (tested with Safari) it is the same, only that you get into the context menu with a “secondary click” – Control click or one of the (configurable) alternatives.

Same on a Mac. Actually, it probably depends on the browser, not on the OS. Here is Safari in MacOS.

safari picture

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